Rated T

Writing done by Leopardclawxx.

I wish I could be
An inanimate object
A teddy bear
Loved and cared for through
Years and years of play
But without feeling
Not there

I wish I could be
A gust of wind
Flying free
Taking along the autumn leaves
Blowing ladies' hair
A minute there
Then gone

I wish I could be
A well read book
Curled pages
The joy of being read and read
Over and over still
With surprise

At me

I wish I could be
Someone famous
Inspiring millions
Looking up to me with happiness
And love and joy
Just for me
For me

I wish I could be
Anyone but me
Something someone loves with all
Their heart and soul
Just for me and
Who I am
Just me

I wish I could be
Anyone but me
Anything but me
Someone unlike me
Someone to love me
For just being

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